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Welcome to the Niwot Homeowner Portal

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Welcome to the Niwot Homeowner portal.

The homeowner portal is designed to share everything you really need to know to live and own a home in town.

It starts with helping you get the most out of living in Niwot. It’s about lifestyle and enjoying the Niwot Life.

The portal has a real estate focus but isn’t just another real estate website like the thousands of Realtor sites that offer to help you buy or sell your home.

That’s because at any given time only around 3 to 5 percent of homes are listed for sale. The remaining 95 percent of homes are not on the market and are ignored by most Realtors.

We’re interested in all homes, including off-market homes, and focus on what it takes to own a home.

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Ross Hair

Ross Hair is a real estate agent and the Broker / Owner of Boco Realty LLC.

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